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Hello everyone !

Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Ionel Darkstorm Tinjala, Ionel in real life. I am 39 years old and i am from Romania. 

I am a trader based on Calypso, Twin Peaks.

Why sell to me? Because i offer the best rates, i buy almost anything in any amounts (providing i have enough peds) and i am completely transparent about everything.

My pricing guidelines are :

Auction price 101% to 103.99%, i take between -0.5% and -1.5%; 

Auction price 104% to 110%, i take -2%; 

Auction price 110% to 115%, i take -3%;

Auction price 115% to 120%, i take -4%; 

Auction price 120%+ depends on the item (ask me).

Price is calculated from the lowest auction house buyouts for refined resources (ingots) and it's updated daily. 

Other services

Pet leveling service. Service fee starts at 5 ped/level.

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